Online shopping

Can I just say that I love online shopping? Maybe you like the experience of being at the mall, and actually getting to see and touch things before you buy them, but after venturing to Harbison Boulevard last year on Black Friday, to Target, Kohl’s, Toys R Us, and the mall, I don’t think I’ll ever do my holiday shopping in the stores again. I didn’t actually buy anything that morning, because there were about 200 people in each checkout line.

First, you get the same deals online, sometimes much better (as much as 50% off). Second, you almost always get free shipping. Third, no sales tax! I have been doing my holiday shopping the past week or two from this laptop, as well as a few last-minute baby necessities/wants (I would call them necessities, Christopher would call them wants) and I’m thrilled with the deals I’m getting. I finally got that rocking chair I wanted (thanks, Grandma!) and it’s being shipped to my house for 97 cents. I also just bought the Pack n Play I wanted, at 25% off the Babies R Us price, no shipping, no sales tax.

Finally, for great gifts for parents, grandparents, and doting aunts, check out Shutterfly. In my experience, these kind of gifts are most appreciated by the loved ones.


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