Santa Claus is Coming to Town

As I was in lying in bed yesterday afternoon, playing dinosaurs with Gavin and supervising Megan’s homework, I sighed. Megan turned to me, put her hand on my arm, and said, “I know it’s hard with two kids.”

Since Christopher had to stay late at school, Gavin decided to kick it into bratty mode from 4:30 on. When he wouldn’t go to bed, I explained to him that since it was December, it was time to be extra good so Santa Claus would bring him toys for Christmas. Megan and I sang the song. Gavin was not phased. “I don’t like Santa Claus,” he coolly replied. Megan didn’t take any chances, and went to bed without complaint.

When Gavin kept getting out of his bed, I decided to give Aunt Brieanne a break and had Gavin get in bed with me. I was surfing, and Gavin asked what it was.

“Why, this is Santa’s workshop,” I replied. His eyes got big. We browsed the toys and I added a few things to my shopping cart, then we put the computer away.

After I snuggled with and sang to Gavin for a long time (he was really wound up), he calmed down and got sleepy. I decided to give him a little lecture for his earlier misdeeds.

“Gavin, when you kick Aunt Brieanne and hit Mommy and don’t obey, that is very naughty and unacceptable. It makes Aunt Brieanne sad, and Mommy sad, and Daddy sad, and Heavenly Father sad. You need to act like a good boy.”

He pondered this for a moment. “Does it make Santa Claus sad?”


By the way, does anyone who reads this blog knit? I need a “knitting kit” for a certain 6-year-old who only has three things on her Christmas list, and that’s one of them. I need a very, VERY basic beginners book (because you all know how crafty I am), preferably one for young children with lots of colorful illustrations, and it would be helpful, since I’m on bed rest, if the needles and yarn came with it. And if I could order it online. I might have to send Christopher to Michaels to get a few things.


4 thoughts on “Santa Claus is Coming to Town

  1. you might try something like a joann`s to find the book, i don`t know if you have one nearby, but you might also have luck with michael`s or something like hobby lobby or ac moore. Bryan`s mom knits quite a bit, so I can relay any questions to her.Good luck

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