Happy birthday Megan!

Our Megan officially turned six today, although we have been thinking of her as a six-year-old for quite some time. She has turned into quite a beautiful, sweet girl, with the same energy she had as a toddler. Because she was still running a fever yesterday, I kept her home from school again. But her teacher called her and her entire first-grade class sang “Happy Birthday” to her over the phone. She is such a fun, kind girl, I know her class misses her. She has an incredible enthusiasm for life and learning. We opened her birthday presents first thing this morning. She got a Crayola Color Wonder Tinkerbell Book from Gavin, an animated Book of Mormon DVD from Grandma and Grandpa Richins (“I can’t wait to watch it!”), the Kit Kittridge: An American Girl DVD from me (“I was interested in this movie and wanted to see it!”), a brown dress with a pink ribbon and matching tights and bow from Grammy and Poppy (“it is SO cute”) and a pink poodle Webkinz from Daddy.

Now, Christopher and I had a bet about the Webkinz. She already has two, Sally and Leslie, that she takes great care of. For those of you who don’t have first graders, Webkinz are the greatest things ever. They are inexpensive little stuffed animals that also become a virtual pet. You earn Webkinz-cash by playing arcade games, most of which are educational, then spend your cash on whatever your pet needs: food, clothing, a bed, a plasma TV. You can buy an oven and make recipes. You can take classes. It’s such a fun little world they’ve created, our whole family likes to play.

Anyway, when I told Christopher about the Webkinz I bought, he said, “She doesn’t want another Webkinz. She says it is already too much responsibility caring for the two she has.” I said, “Who wouldn’t want another Webkinz? Besides, this is a pink poodle!”

So when Megan opened the present, what did she say? “I love it! But, oh, the responsibility!” So I was right in that she loves it, and Christopher was right in that she said the word “responsibility” three times in 10 seconds.

Megan spent the morning adopting her new pet, whom she named Angelina, and coloring in her Tinkerbell book. In the afternoon I instructed both kids to take a nap so they could have fun at the circus tonight! Megan obeyed, but Gavin was rotten all afternoon. By circus time, he was exhausted, and had to stay home and go to bed, which was probably more of a punishment for me and Brieanne than for Gavin, but oh well. As long as the birthday girl has fun, and the baby boy stays in my tummy, and the big boy knows that he is loved, we’re doing OK in the Richins house.


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday Megan!

  1. Megan, I’m sorry I missed your birthday. You have to be the most beautiful six-year-old in the world right now. Of course, you mommy was pretty cute when she was lix. I will see you this summer.I love you.Poppy

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