What must her teacher think?

So my niece has Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease and my nephew has been telling his friends that his sister “has a disease.” I laughed when I read this because I often wonder what exactly our children tell their friends and teachers. For example:

1. “We don’t buy books in our family” – Both kids constantly bring home those Scholastic book fliers, which are a pretty good deal, but you’re still paying $3-20, depending on the book. When Megan’s school had a book fair, they took each class to the fair and had every kid write down a wish list. Parents were supposed to send in a check. I told Megan, we don’t buy books. But what I meant was we don’t pay full price for books. My kids have a huge library, more than they ever read, but just about everything we own came from garage sales and Craigslist, where you can buy books for a dime or a quarter. Charlottesville even has a huge book festival where you can take as many used books as you want and trade them for the same number. So last year, we took 20 or so books that we didn’t read anymore and got 20 more. Plus, there’s always the library, and the occasional doting relative.

2. “We don’t recycle” – The county doesn’t offer recycling. I could save everything and take it to the local recycling center, but I don’t. The end.

3. “My mom was a pregnant teenager” – This comment was a mere two days ago. We were looking at the ornaments on the Christmas tree, and I saw our BYU ornament that Christopher bought me when we graduated. I said, “Look, Megan, Mom and Dad got this ornament when we graduated from BYU in December. And you were a brand new baby!” To which Megan replied, “Right Mom, when you were a teenager.” Sad thing is, she wasn’t too wrong. I got pregnant at 19. But I also earned my bachelor’s degree at 20, so if you call me a pregnant teenager, you must also call me a prodigy.

** I think my mother would like me to clarify that I was 19 and 11 months when I got pregnant. Like that’s any better. **


7 thoughts on “What must her teacher think?

  1. Hahaha. Pregnant teenager. I love that so much. You should recycle. You have to pay where we live, so we save everything up in this huge metal bin and then drop it off at BYU periodically. It works.

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