Bed rest and BYU heartbreaks

I have heard it said that when you are a mother of small children, “The days are long but the weeks are short.” I feel the opposite about bed rest. Every day passes quickly, but the weeks are passing very slowly. I feel like it was forever ago that I hit 32 weeks. It has been 4 days. This week should be a good diversion, though. My mom, Allison, and Ethan are driving up for Christmas, and will be here for the week. Also, Devin and Hillary will drive down for a day or two after Christmas from Maryland. So there should be lots of distraction.

Yesterday was a typical day of BYU heartbreak. The so-far undefeated basketball team played #17 ASU down in Arizona. I didn’t watch the first half, assuming I didn’t get the game, but when I started going through the channels I was surprised to find it on channel 253 or something. And we still pay $10.50 a month for cable! Anyway, BYU was up by 5-10 points for most of the 2nd half, and then we let things slip until it was tied at 75 with only a few seconds left in the game. Then we fouled a man outside the three point line (big mistake) and he made one of his shots. So we got the ball back with about 10 seconds left and the score 76-75. Finally, it all came down to an awkward looking play where the BYU player actually tipped the ball in as the buzzer rang. It was tough to tell whether the ball had left his fingertips before 00:00, but, as always, whenever there is a controversial call, BYU gets the shaft.

Then, an hour later, the Las Vegas Bowl started. Our football team was ranked #16 after a 10-2 season where we lost to Utah and TCU. Obviously, that ranking wasn’t warranted. The game was once again a disappointment as Max managed to throw another interception and fumble it once. Oh, and we missed THREE field goals. Sadly, but not surprisingly, we lost 21-31 to a 7-5 Arizona team. Finally, the ACC has the most incompetent refs in college football.

Gavin has a high fever, most likely the same virus Megan had a week and a half ago. Either the virus has a long incubation phase or he caught it from someone else. We’ve been keeping him cool (his temp spiked to 104 last night), alternating Tylenol and Motrin, and pushing the Gatorade and popsicles. After sleeping several hours on the edge of my bed, again, I went and climbed in Gavin’s bed, which is quite comfortable. I think the next time Gavin climbs in bed with me I’ll just go straight to his bed.


3 thoughts on “Bed rest and BYU heartbreaks

  1. Poor Gavin. Will add that sweet boy to my prayers tonight. I know it has to be difficult on you to see him not feel well.Sorry about BYU. At least I got my disappointment out earlier in the season.I know it feels like forever until baby arrives, but it really will be here before you know it. You know how that goes!

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