New Year’s Weekend

We enjoyed a fun, restful New Year’s weekend. On New Year’s Eve our friends Nate and Hillory came over and brought with them a delicious dinner. We ate, put the kids to bed, and played a rousing game of Scrabble with the disappointing Chick-Fil-A bowl game in the background. Nate and Hill actually left at 11:45 because Nate had to do rounds at the hospital the next morning. They came back New Year’s Day afternoon, and we had a delicious dinner that Christopher cooked: barbecue pork over rice, collard greens and black-eyed peas. Everything tasted great and we can now be assured that our financial prosperity is secure for another year. Nate and Hill seemed to enjoy the traditional Southern dinner but would not touch the pickled okra.

The rest of the weekend was mostly hanging out and watching football. We especially enjoyed watching Utah beat Alabama. Christopher tried to hold down the fort and prepare for his third quarter classes.

Today Christopher and the kids started back to school. We have pawned the kids off to friends’ houses after-school for the week. Next week I’ll probably start moving around a little bit, but I have to be careful because I’m pretty sure as soon as I start driving kids around or fixing dinner I’ll be headed to the hospital to have a baby. So we’ll see. This week and weekend, at least, I’m staying down.


One thought on “New Year’s Weekend

  1. Hey, so my blog was stuck on some post you made a month ago. LOL. So your comment about posting on my blog made me think that something was going on. I just posted on both blogs within the week. Anyway, I’m glad little baby boy is almost here. You’re such a trouper and your kids will never appreciate your sacrafices enough!! (unless Megan has the same experiences, then she’ll be very grateful in deed) Anyway, ttys, L

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