9 weeks

We made it through another week with the help of friends who picked up the kids from school and brought in dinner. That was the most amazing part of our week–how generous everyone is.

Now it’s Saturday morning. Christopher has a paper due at noon, and then, unfortunately for him, he’ll be running errands–pediatrician, pharmacy, grocery store. Gavin has croup, which he caught from some of the friends who brought us dinner. It’s a mild case, with the barking cough rearing its ugly head from sundown to sunup. I’ve been giving him breathing treatments in the middle of night and first thing in the morning to control the cough, but he’s wheezing a bit so Christopher is going to take him to the pediatrician this afternoon to get some prednisone. Considering I’ve taken Gavin to the emergency room only twice, and both times for croup, it’s time to nip this in the bud.

At the moment, I’m letting the kids watch Japananimation on Cartoon Network, a rare treat for them, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

A week from today, we might have a baby!


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