Megan and E.T.

Megan is taking a shower for church tomorrow. Because she hasn’t had one since Wednesday. She played happily for 15 minutes, writing words in the steam on the shower door. Now she is crying and sitting in the shower, saying, “My legs have gone out of business!” I told her as soon as she washes her hair and bathes her body, she can get out. I am such a mean mommy.

Exhaustion is creeping into the Richins family, physical, mental, and emotional. Who knew how much trouble it would be to add a little brother to the family?

Christopher is still out with Gavin, visiting the doctor and grocery shopping. Megan and I found E.T. on HBO. She had never seen it, and I hadn’t seen it since I was about her age. I managed to remember where some choice expletives were and skipped over them, but she still asked me what an “anus” was. Megan is a funny girl to watch a movie with. She was bouncing on the bed during the most exciting scenes, cried whenever Drew Barrymore did, and asked questions and made comments throughout. Some insights included, “I think the alien is nocturnal” and “That certainly is a magic alien.” When the music reached its last crescendo and the final credits started to roll, she exclaimed, “That was the best movie ever!!”


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