Four centimeter failure

After 10 weeks of preterm labor, I’m not in labor anymore.

All the contractions and pressure that I have felt up until this point have changed my cervix to 4 cm and 75% effaced. However, I got checked twice today in L/D triage and have essentially stopped at 4 cm, and without a strong and regular contraction pattern, the doctor sent me home.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I stopped taking the Nifedipine, my mom and Allison and Ethan arrived, Gavin keep crawling in bed with me, and I kept thinking about my impending labor and delivery. Nevertheless, I started the day with plenty of energy. I took a shower, put on makeup (something I haven’t done in 10 weeks) and packed a bag for the hospital (my first ever, apparently bad mojo). I made French toast, cleaned the kitchen, and continued to feel the pressure and strong but sporadic contractions. We headed to the hospital at around 11 a.m. My cervix was 4 cm but since I wasn’t in a regular contraction pattern they sent me walking. We walked around Wal-mart and the mall and got lunch and I could barely stand up from the lower back pain and pressure, but when they checked me again, still 4 cm. So they sent me home. I’m in bed now, tired and sore, but mostly from using muscles I haven’t used in a long time, like my legs and my back.

So NOW, I’m like a regular pregnant person for the first time ever! This baby could come ANY TIME– tomorrow, two weeks from now. I feel a little like a failure and a little confused. I’d be thrilled, of course, to have a full-term 8-pound baby. It would be nice to be able to get some things done around the house before I have him. On the other hand, my body is tired. I have been on bed rest for so long and fighting contractions, it would be easier just to have him and recover NOT pregnant than try to recover from bed rest and THEN recover from childbirth. And finally, Mom is here, Allison and Ethan are here, Christopher doesn’t have class on Monday, Megan doesn’t have school Monday or Tuesday. It would just be convenient to have the baby now. But it’s out of my hands. If a trip to Wal-mart didn’t put me over the edge, I might be pregnant for a while longer!


5 thoughts on “Four centimeter failure

  1. Oh, Lauren. This is one of those things that is only funny because it isn’t me! I’m glad to see you still have your sense of humor (it is obvious that God does). I think I would just curl up and cry!We continue to lift all of you in prayer. One thing is for sure – baby Richins will be well worth the wait!

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