Rooming In

Sunday morning I arrived at the hospital with my bags packed. When I got to Ben’s bedside the respiratory therapist was about to replace his nasal cannula with a smaller one. I mentioned that the doctors were planning on taking it out after rounds, so she asked if she could go ahead and leave it out and at 9 am Ben was nasal cannula free! He spent the entire morning looking around, wide awake and happy there was no longer air blowing up his nose. His sats stayed high, and his breathing was perfect–one step towards going home.

Then, he was able to nurse all day without issues, so they took out the NG tube. Step two towards going home.

Sunday was a great day. I had a great nurse, and Benjamin acted like a normal baby. He spent hours wide awake, just being cute. At noon I checked my email and got this note from my BYU roommate Stephanie, who works and goes to law school in DC:

“i made up my mind. i’m on my way to the hospital in cville. i refuse to be in the way, so if it’s only convenient for me to stay for 30 minutes out in the waiting room, i’ll only stay for 30 minutes.”

She spent the next 9 hours with me! It was wonderful. We were able to relax and talk all day, and she bought me lunch and dinner. For dinner, the nurse told us to go somewhere outside the hospital, which hadn’t even occurred to me. We ended up walking to the Corner, which wasn’t too far (about as far as the pharmacy…) and I felt great. It was 60 degrees outside and felt amazing. We ate at Basil, a Mediterranean Bistro and it was amazing. Steph loved holding Benjamin. She kept saying, “I’m so glad I came!” I’m so glad she did, too.

Of course, the highlight of the day was when Christopher brought the kids to meet their brother. They didn’t stay long, but I think Megan and Gavin were ecstatic with their new baby.

I spent the night in a hotel-type room in the NICU, which was great. Benjamin, of course, was wide awake in the middle of the night, from 11 to 1 and again from 3 to 5. Despite the lack of sleep, it was nice to have privacy and have him eating and healthy.

Today was half good and half stressful. I thought I’d get to nap but I spent my energy not only feeding the baby but getting the kids taken care of after school, taking an infant CPR class, doing discharge stuff, and, most stressful, figuring out Ben’s circumcision.

After the botched spinal tap, we asked for an attending to do the circumcision. They told us no. We couldn’t believe it. But after many phone calls, including a very effective one from my mother to a patient representative, an agreement was reached. The attending (one of the OBs in my practice), who does not regularly perform circumcisions, will supervise a resident, who is in the habit of doing them. I just needed them to know that after everything that has happened, if a young, careless resident screwed up my son’s penis, there would be hell to pay. If I could do it over, I would just not circumsize either one of my boys, but since we did Gavin, we don’t want Ben to be different.

One more night at the hospital and then I’m taking this kid home, where I can be with and love on all three of my kids, and start taking the load off of Christopher, who has had it for a long time!

I must say it again… we could not do this without the help from friends from Darden, church, our neighborhood, and the kids’ schools. It has been 89 days since I went on bed rest, and it is time for this ordeal to be over.

What we do to bring beautiful children into the world!


7 thoughts on “Rooming In

  1. I teared up a bit at the Steph part. What an awesome person! Also, you keep calling Benjamin Gavin. You need to work on that or Gavin IS going to have a forgotten middle-child complex.

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