Gavin’s birthday

Gavin turned four yesterday! Since he’s been pretty much neglected for the past several months, we wanted to make sure it was a special day for him. It started with presents and chocolate chip pancakes.

He had a little party in his preschool class, which both Christopher and I attended. Christopher was so good at reading books to the kids Gavin’s teacher asked if he was studying to be a pediatrician.

Then we took him to lunch at an Indian buffet. It wasn’t his explicit choice, but he ate rice, naan, tandoori chicken, pakoras, and pudding.

Christopher had to go back to school but the amazing weather sent me and the boys to Greenleaf park. It was Benjamin’s first outing and I think it was successful. We kept him covered in his infant seat at the preschool and the restaurant to avoid germs, and I did my first public nursing in the park, surrounded by mothers.

Dinner was spaghetti, salad, and rolls (with the required EVOO and balsamic vinegar to dip them in, because my kids are foodies) and bedtime was early.


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