Nine Years of Valentine’s Days

In our marriage, Christopher is the sentimental and romantic one. One of these Valentine’s Days I am going to surprise him by actually doing something special, or at least letting him surprise me. In the meantime, I love you, dear, and this wild ride that we’re on… here’s to nine more years of unorthodox V-days.

2001 – Christopher and I meet and start hanging out. I recall sitting in my living room, giving him a shoulder massage. His roommate is rubbing my shoulders. Poor Duane.

2002 – Our first Valentine’s as a couple. We’ve been married six months. Christopher brings me flowers at work on his way to Salt Lake to volunteer at the Olympics. He is smokin’ hot in his NOC assistant uniform, fresh spiky haircut, and Curve for Men.

2003 – Megan is a tiny two month old. If we had gone out that year, she would’ve been strapped in the Baby Bjorn and anyone who came within several feet of her would’ve gotten a dirty look. C’mon, people, germs!

2004 – I think this was the year we went to a little Italian restaurant in Belmont Shore in Long Beach and attractive men kept checking us out. They were ogling Christopher, not me.

2005 – We had just moved to Seattle. Gavin was 3 days old. We had Thai takeout in our Boeing apartment.

2006 – I think this was the year we went to a little Italian restaurant in Kent. Wow, this year was actually kind of normal.

2007 – We celebrate in Charlottesville during the Jefferson Fellow finalist weekend. My mother-in-law is in Seattle with Megan and Gavin and we are having a great time!

2008 – Christopher gets stuck in Atlanta after interviewing at McKinsey. Instead of flying into Charlottesville, he catches a flight to Dulles and takes a cab 2 1/2 hours home.

2009 – Christopher begs to take me out, dinner and dancing. I say I’d rather hang out at home, and please, no gifts. He questions my sincerity, but I insist. I learned a few years ago that we function better when I say exactly what I want. Christopher instead takes Gavin for a haircut and grocery shopping, the best gift I could hope for. I’m sitting here peacefully with my sleeping baby and reading daughter. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!


2 thoughts on “Nine Years of Valentine’s Days

  1. You’re so romantic. Tim and I went to a ward party where all of the husbands had written their wives notes during priesthood to give out except Tim. It was ok though. I like him anyways… and he probably missed it because he was staying home with me.

  2. You are so good about remembering all the years. I have no clue what we did last year. This year I asked for a double stroller! Oh, how times have changed.I can’t believe Christopher took a 2 1/2 hour cab ride!

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