Three weeks

When I was pregnant with Ben, I jokingly told a lot of people, “I hope I get a good baby. I deserve a good baby. But I’m not getting my hopes up.”

Surprise! Ben is an angel. We still haven’t really heard him cry. Most nights he pulls a four or five hour stretch. He sleeps a lot, and when he’s awake, he mostly just looks at us with a slightly frightened expression, like he’s wondering just how he ended up in our family.

He likes to be awake from about 8 to 11 p.m. I think it’s a defense mechanism to avoid Megan and Gavin, or he just loves the undivided attention of his mama. I even think I’ve seen a few genuine smiles. I can’t wait to capture them on camera.

This picture is for Poppy. The outfit says, “Wingman”.

He loves napping in the Boppy.

My friend Megan knitted these booties and mittens. Aren’t they amazing? They are gorgeous, and they actually stay on.


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