Spring break: Days 1-2

Day 1: Mild weather. We spend an hour and a half riding bikes and playing with neighborhood dogs. Gavin finds a frog, smashed flat. Megan picks it up and brings it to me while I’m nursing the baby in a camping chair in the garage. I tell her, No, she can’t bring it into the house and put it in a Ziploc bag to take to school in a week.

Day 2: Cold again! We head to the Children’s Museum, which is closed for capacity! I’m pretty annoyed, but we start walking the downtown mall, and Megan suggests we go into Five Guys and eat peanuts, which sounds like as good an idea as any. We arrive minutes after they open and order a small fry. Because we’re the only ones in there, a small fry = an entire fryer basket full. We eat fries and peanuts for half an hour until the museum calls my cell phone. We’re in! As a happy coincidence, Hillary and Claire, who are meeting us, are half an hour late. The kids have a fantastic time, and Hill and I actually get to talk a little. We stay until 1:30. The entire outing only costs $2 for parking and $2.50 for the fries. We eat pasta for lunch, have a lazy afternoon, and chicken and potatoes for dinner. The kids fall asleep hard.


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