Spring Break: Day 4-5

Day 4: I attempted to clean the house. Cleaned 3 bathrooms and half the kitchen and gave up. My friend Hillory asked me to watch her two-year-old Claire while she had a doctor’s appointment. I realized what life would be like with four kids two years apart. The answer: busy, but yet, not as bad as I thought. Later, we visited the Darden Easter Party for Chick-Fil-A and an egg hunt. Megan and Gavin found about 20 eggs each before the hunt started.

Mom and Ethan finally arrived at 9 pm, while Christopher and I were watching Mamma Mia.

Day 5: Christopher headed to DC for his SpaceX interview. He drove for 6 hours and spent 30 minutes in Washington, but an offer is forthcoming. More details next week. Megan stayed home and played Wii with Ethan while Gavin attended a bowling party for his friend Addison. Mom and I had big plans to go shopping (Sams, mall) but between feeding the baby and ourselves (Five Guys), we only managed to make it to Target before we needed to pick up the Big Boy. Dinner was Papa John’s, and Ethan and Christopher are monopolizing the good TV with Metroid Prime.


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