The DPA offered to pay for Carnival tickets at the Charlottesville Dogwood Festival last night. The weather was gorgeous, so despite the fact that Christopher had a Raven Society banquet, I packed up the kids and headed to McIntire Park.

We arrived quite early, which was fortuitous. We got a great parking spot, played on the playground, and wandered around the closed carnival, deciding what to ride. At 5:40 no one from the DPA had arrived, so I got in line for tickets. Thank goodness I did, because the line got long and stayed that way until I left almost two hours later. DPA families trickled in. All four Mormon families showed up, partly because we’re cheap, and partly because we have most of the older kids (2-6 years). The ticket situation was a bit of a disaster. They couldn’t decide whether to get armbands or tickets, and when they tried to pay with the DPA credit card, they realized it was cash or checks only. Luckily, ONE person had a checkbook with them!

Eventually, we got our tickets and the kids went to town. The rides required 2-4 tickets, so we didn’t ride too many rides, but there were no lines to get on the rides, and the kids had fun. There were long lines at the food, unfortunately. I could’ve used some greasy carnival food, but I packed snacks, so we didn’t wait for the good stuff.

When we ran out of tickets, we headed home. Ben was amazing the entire time. He started to fuss towards the end, and I had hoped we could make it home to nurse him, but on the way home he started crying and the kids were hungry, too.

Five minutes later we were in the McDonald’s parking lot, eating double cheeseburgers, fries, and drinking lemonade. Ben was nursing. Sitting there, at 7:45 p.m., in my minivan with my little brood, I thought, “What an interesting life I have!”

As a side note, as we got ready for bed, Gavin decided to become impossibly mischievous and disobedient. Exhausted, I went from Mother of the Year to Raging Lunatic in about 4.3 seconds. Sadly and fortunately, it worked, and he fell asleep. When I went back in to check on Ben, who I had left on my bed staring at the ceiling fan, this is what I found:


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