Black tie weekend, summer temps, dwindling Darden

Towards the end of last week the weather warmed up to the 90s and we spent a lot of time outside. My parents-in-law and youngest sister-in-law Ashley flew into DC and drove down to Charlottesville for a black tie dinner honoring the graduating Jefferson Fellows. The dinner was amazing. Christopher spoke, and the Jefferson Foundation took time to speak about every graduating Fellow and their accomplishments before and during UVa. We even found a fabulous babysitter (thanks Julie!) who kept all three kids and they did great, especially Ben. We are so happy he’s such a good baby!

We had professional pictures taken at the dinner, but here are a few we snapped at our table.

Saturday morning we relaxed, played some cards, and then my in-laws had to leave. It was great to see them but sad they could only stay for a few days.

The warm weather continued through Tuesday, and Christopher had another dinner to go to. Instead of sitting home counting the minutes until bedtime, when we picked Megan up from the bus stop, we headed to the downtown Mall. It was a perfect day to be in downtown Charlottesville! It was around 85 degrees, which was perfect in the shade of the old trees and buildings. We parked at the McGuffey Art Center at the west end of the mall and walked to the Discovery Museum at the east end. We met another mom and her kids and played at the museum for a few hours. Then we hit Five Guys for dinner, and the kids talked me into Splendora’s gelato for dessert. We walked back to the west end of the mall and played at the new McGuffey playground until around 6:30 and headed home. After a shower, the kids fell into bed, exhausted. It was a perfect day and I was so mad I didn’t take my camera. The late afternoon light was perfect, and the colors awesome– Megan’s raspberry gelato, Gavin’s yellow Crocs, the bright primary colors of the playground equipment. Therefore, the next 80+ degree day we have, I am giving Christopher the night off and repeating the afternoon, this time with my camera.

Tonight was a Darden second-year send-off party. More free food in Cafe 67. I sure am going to miss this place.


4 thoughts on “Black tie weekend, summer temps, dwindling Darden

  1. You look great. I don’t think I have anything worthy of wearing to a black tie event, it has been way too long. I’m glad you had such a great time and your in-laws could join you!

  2. Lauren, you look beautiful. You bounce back from childbirth so well! Sounds like things are great. I’m super impressed with your ability to do so many things at once. I’m super happy for you and your adorable family.

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