Graduation Birthday Weekend

This weekend is graduation weekend, and my birthday. Let the mayhem ensue. My family had planned to come up to see Christopher graduate and help with the kids, but since my dad had a long, exhausting trip home from Afghanistan, and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and they are returning in two weeks, I told my family to stay home and relax. I got a teenage babysitter for the ceremonies tomorrow and am planning on taking Ben with me. Tonight is the Darden Pig Roast and I’m excited for some BBQ on my birthday.

Tuesday night I was able to have a fun night out for my birthday/Mother’s Day. I entered my friend Katie in a mother’s day contest after she selflessly helped me out during bed rest and after Ben’s birth, even though we had just met. She won dinner for two at Bonefish Grill, tickets to Billy Joel’s Movin’ Out, and our own driver (Doc), who chauffeured us around town in a new Mercedes. Her husband was less than interested in a Broadway show, so Katie invited me to go with her, and we had a blast! It was fun to talk to her without being constantly interrupted by our kids.


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