Ben turned four months old yesterday, and the day flew by without much thought or even a picture! I dropped Christopher off at the airport yesterday, so he can climb ladders and bring bacon at the International Space Development Conference in Orlando. Yes, we thought about joining him and doing Disney, but to tell you the truth, just the thought of Disneyworld right now exhausts me.

Instead, we are staying home and getting through the days without Daddy. Luckily, Megan is still in school and Ben is a dream, even with a stuffy nose. Gavin is great, too. He rode his trike barefoot around the neighborhood, jumped in the bounce house until he was sweaty, and finger painted. But no matter how action-packed his day is, he melts down at bedtime unless Daddy’s home to be the Enforcer.

So after an hour of trying to get Gavin to stay in his bed–by cajoling, coercing, and beating–I gave up. We watched half an episode of Gilmore Girls and a few minutes of Nursery University. At 9:15, he declared, “I’m so tired! Why don’t you put me to bed already?!” So I did.

Ben promptly woke up at 10 p.m. and ate again. It was good though, as he may sleep until 5 a.m. or so. He’s so good! And I won a new Ergo on eBay. And I am probably putting Gavin in preschool this Fall, and spending way more money than I ever thought I would on preschool. And I had a long conversation with Christopher about our future. The usual topic. Do we follow the money to Atlanta or stay in DC with the rockets?

We just don’t know.


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