Massanutten (take two) and mother-in-law

There are no pictures from Massanutten, take two. Between cold, rainy weather, and both children coughing, there was little summer fun to be had. On the second night, Gavin developed an ear infection, and we were soon out of there. I loved seeing my dad, mom, and Ethan, but it was definitely not a vacation. I managed to make it home and get the kids the meds they needed. I felt bad about Megan missing her last few days of school for nothing, but alas, what’s done is done.

Saturday Christopher came home and we spent several hours packing and cleaning while the kids recuperated in front of the computer and TV. I went out to dinner and to a church meeting with some friends while Christopher stayed home with the kids, which was a great break for me. When I got home, Christopher picked up his mom from the Richmond airport.

I probably have the best mother-in-law in the world. She is low maintenance, easy to get along with, selfless, and sensitive. There are few people in the world that can have their mothers-in-law visit for weeks on end and be sad to see them leave.

So Lynn is here, basically, to help me while Christopher is working in DC and before, during, and after the move. Our schedule this week has been a daily outing with the kids, a little packing and cleaning, and a movie at night. Lynn has stepped in to do the dishes, put kids to bed, hold the baby, and just be an extra set of hands. She’s easy to talk to and never complains. Whatever we eat is always “wonderful.” She lets me pick all the movies, and if I’m too tired to hang out, she just cracks open a book. She’s the perfect house guest.

Next week, the major packing will get done. Almost all the non-essential stuff is packed already. I’m looking forward to getting this show on the road. I should be taking advantage of my last week in Charlottesville, but my mind is already on the move. Bring it on.


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