Dinnertime conversation

Christopher: “How old is Desirae (his sister) today?”

Lynn: “She’s 22.”

Lauren: “Aw, I remember 22. Wow, I had Gavin when I was 22.”

Megan: “And you had me when you were 18!”

Lauren: “No, Megan, I was almost 21 when I had you.”

Megan: “But you were pregnant before you got married, right?”

Christopher (eyes bugged out): “Excuse me?”

Megan: “I thought you were a pregnant teenager, Mom.”

Lauren: “Well, technically, I was still 19 when I got pregnant with you, Megan, but Dad and I had been married for almost a year, plus I graduated college before you were born.”

Megan: “Oh. So you didn’t get pregnant before you got married.”

Christopher and Lauren (emphatically): “Of course not.”

Megan: “Oh. Well, I’ve been spreading that story around for years.”


9 thoughts on “Dinnertime conversation

  1. OH. MY. HECK. Lauren you're AMAZING because I'd probably drown my child in the bathtub after a conversation like that with my 6 year old. LOL. Ah, the humor is delightful and to think that mom was there makes it all that much sweeter. I can only imagine. 😀

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