Thursday in Arlington

Good things that happened today:

1. I woke up at 6:30 with Ben and instead of going back to sleep after nursing him, I stayed awake in an effort to get Christopher to work earlier. However, a few hours later I was dragging, the baby was snoozing, and Megan and Gavin were engrossed in making recipes on Webkinz. I closed my eyes for a catnap, and no one woke me up for two hours.

2. I took all three kids to the grocery store. Normally, I’m not such a glutton for punishment, but it was worth a shot. Giant Foods, allegedly the cheapest store in the area, still gave me sticker shock, but the customer service was excellent. The young female cashier was uber-patient as the kids unloaded every single item onto the conveyor belt and wanted to help bag groceries, and as I headed to the parking lot, an employee offered to load up my minivan. Ben, of course, sat in the Ergo the entire time, happy as a clam.

3. A few hours later when the kids created mischief that required stripping them both to undies, I sent them to their beds while I started the laundry. Fifteen minutes later when I checked on them, Gavin was laying on his bed with his head in Megan’s lap, and she was reading them a story.

4. A visit to the new local sprayground cooled us down in the late afternoon. Vocelli Pizza for dinner – $8.99 for a large two-topping carryout special. Realized that soon we’ll have to start ordering two pizzas for our family.

5. Christopher came home at 7 and I headed to an herb gardening class at church. Chatting with new friends while learning something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Brought home a pot of basil, parsley, and mint.


2 thoughts on “Thursday in Arlington

  1. When we first moved up here, I was also shocked by the price of groceries. Sadly, you get used to it. The cheapest grocery store in NoVA is actually Shoppers. There's one at Potomac Yard; however, they are usually dirty and dingy.

  2. Hmmm, you ARE brave!! All 3 for groercies?? Too bad about the sticker shock, I had that at Food Lion when I was there. THOSE prices were high. Don't EVEN want to think what they got into that necessitaed them being stripped down – hopefully it was in the back yard :). I am REALLY glad you were able to go to that RS class…I did remember about it 🙂

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