Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

The fourth commandment is quite a controversial one in the LDS church. Usually shopping and sporting events are avoided, but beyond that, keeping the Sabbath day holy is often a personal decision of what each family will or won’t do at home. Growing up, my family spent the afternoon snuggling up, watching movies and TV. We weren’t allowed to run around outside with our friends, but we did play outside if we were with our cousins. In Christopher’s house, TV was verboten but they could play in the backyard after church.

Now that we have a backyard and church is at 3 p.m., we are going to try the yes to playing outside, no to TV Sundays.

This morning Christopher and I slept in, and then the kids played outside with their friends and I took a walk around the neighborhood with Ben in the jogger stroller. Later, we did lunch and got ready for church.

Do you think this boy is happy to be outside?


One thought on “Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

  1. wow, no tv Sundays. With Carl gone all day, I think the boys would eat me alive. I let them play in the backyard and watch tv (I know I'm such a pushover…). But, they can't play xbox or wii or ride on anything with wheels.You go girl!

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