Life story

The writer of one of my favorite blogs posed a question to her readers: “Who are you all?” Here’s my answer.

I’m a Southern Belle whiz-kid who met my California farm boy at a Mountain West university. We got married about five seconds later and had our preemie daughter sixteen months later, during Finals week of our last semester. I took my finals in the NICU, earning my BA at age 20.

My husband became a rocket scientist (he was a whiz kid, too) and I became a full-time mother of two while we lived in Los Angeles and Seattle. I struggled with the transition from intellect to young mother. I found it difficult to continue developing my mind and talents while completely exhausted. But in the last year or two, with the birth of my third child, I have found myself completely content and grateful as a full-time mother and keep myself engaged by reading extensively, blogging, cooking, playing musical instruments, taking pictures, and trying to have as much fun as possible with my children every day.

Two years ago, we moved to central Virginia so my rocket scientist could get an MBA. I am thrilled to be back on the East coast. We made beautiful baby #3, son #2. We call our daughter Rooster, a nickname she earned in the NICU. Son #1 is “see-mook”, a mispronunciation of a Russian term of endearment. And our sweet baby is Benny for now. A few weeks ago we moved again to Washington, DC, and on July 4 we rode our bikes 10 miles round-trip to watch the Independence Day parade. With all three kids. We bought the bikes off craigslist and it was the first time we had ridden them. My husband pulled all three children.

I started reading My Charming Kids during Stellan’s first week in the PICU. I read it now for a good laugh, recipes, and reminders that I’m not alone in raising God-fearing, hummus-eating, dirt-digging children. I haven’t had a best friend in awhile, since we have moved around so much. I think of MckMama as one of my many friends, spread out across the country, who I keep in touch with online. Someday I hope my family settles down and plants some roots, but I do like the adventure of new places and people.

Thanks for writing, Jennifer. If you ever want to visit the nation’s capital, we have a guest bed and all the kid stuff you’d ever need… act quickly, though, because who knows how long we’ll be here?! 🙂


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