Single mom

Occasionally, when I’m shopping alone in the evening, I see people with small children. The kids are inevitably misbehaving horribly, because they are tired, or hungry, or both. What in the world are those people thinking?

That was me last night. After I dropped Christopher off at the airport for another business trip, this time to Atlanta, I decided to “run” into Costco on the way home. Because we had no milk, bread, or eggs in the house. Now, the airport is only five minutes from our house, and the Costco is in between, so it wasn’t a major road trip, but if this tells you anything, the parking lot requires validation.

So I walk into Costco at 6:15 p.m., one hand on Megan, one hand on Gavin, and Ben strapped on me. Before I even entered the store a smart-looking male professional, fresh off the metro, noticed me and chuckled. Yeah.

It wasn’t too bad. I ordered a cheese pizza as I walked in the door, and while it was cooking I picked up the milk, bread, eggs, bananas, peppers, spinach, and grapes. I inflicted minimal bodily injury to Gavin as he attempted to escape my grip, and only hurt my back a little when I lifted him into the buggy to restrain him.

Megan is loving zoo camp. As grateful as I am for this educational opportunity, let me tell you, driving into D.C. twice a day is not my idea of fun. Picking her up at 3 p.m. is no big deal, but the 9 a.m. start time poses quite a traffic problem. She was invited to continue next week, but I can’t do it again. This has been a LONG week.

Gavin has appreciated the extra mommy time, especially the time we have spent in the mornings walking around the zoo. So far I think the reptile house is his favorite, but we haven’t made it all the way down to the farm animals yet. The National Zoo is on a hill, so you start at the top and work your way down. Hiking back to the car is a workout. Today the humidity returned, unfortunately, so who knows how long we’ll last tomorrow. I promise to take my camera, though.

Driving in the car has enabled us to listen to lots of good music and books on CD, though. Right now we are listening to the Walk the Line soundtrack and Little House on the Prairie. Gavin is obsessed with Ring of Fire. He’s got good taste.

Ben ran a fever Monday through Wednesday and I had a few sleepless nights administering Tylenol and cold washcloths. He never developed any other symptoms, though, so I guess it was just a bug. I hope the kids stay healthy, though, because I haven’t found a pediatrician yet. Several of the closest practices here aren’t accepting new patients, and I managed to find a practice who could “squeeze Ben in” for his 6 month checkup on August 10. I understand that it’s well-checkup time, as kids are preparing to return to school, but surely they could leave a few spots open for the babies who have to come every two months. The doctor I wanted didn’t have any checkups available until the end of September. Her philosophy, according to the website, is “moderation in everything,” which is mine as well.

Despite Ben’s illness, he was a champion as he got woken up from naps and spent several hours in the car a day. I love having a good baby.

Hmmm… what else can I add to this boring journal-style post?

I got a calling at church. I’m on the Enrichment committee, which I’m super excited about. I’ve never done Enrichment before so it’ll be great. This ward runs a great Enrichment program– book club, playgroup, pilates, in addition to the usual cooking, gardening, emergency preparedness. Next Saturday the quarterly activity involves taking the metro to the National Portrait Gallery and discussing history and heritage in honor of Pioneer Day.



3 thoughts on “Single mom

  1. I always feel bad for the kids who are getting in trouble for misbehaving at the store when it's clearly past bedtime. I've even offered fruit snacks from my purse as a peace offering!

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