Status update: kids

Megan: Always helping. Loves playing with friends, being the boss, reading Kit Kittredge books. Constantly inventing, experimenting, creating. Hates limited options, early bedtimes. Gets in trouble when she redecorates Gavin’s virtual house and tells half-truths. Cannot eat corn on the cob.

Gavin: Always moving. Loves the park, the library, or anywhere he can run or read. Constantly thinking, analyzing, critiquing. Needs extra love and encouragement. Sometimes sad when Megan leaves, sometimes wants to stay with Mom. Always sad when Dad’s away. Gets in trouble when he hits his sister and throws rocks. Loves being tickled. Learning to read and wipe his own bum.

Ben: Always watching. Loves the constant entertainment his siblings provide, hates being left alone in a room. Eats rice cereal, oatmeal, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, and peas. Always sleeps on his stomach. Doesn’t like being tickled. Drools constantly. Will always be too cute to get in trouble.


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