More Dinnertime Conversation

At the dinner table…

Gavin: “And there’s this bad guy named Gargamel who tries to make a soup out of the… what are those creatures called again, Sissy?”
Megan: “Smurfs.”
Gavin: “Yeah, Gargamel is trying to make Smurf Stew!”
Lauren: “Mmmm, I love a good Smurf Stew.”
Both kids: “What?!?”
Lauren: “I love a good Smurf, turns your tongue blue.”
Megan: “Mom! You cannot eat Smurfs. They have hearts.”
Lauren: “So do chickens. And they’re delicious.” (taking a bite)
Gavin: “But Smurfs have HATS!”

(a moment, as we all ponder whether creatures with hats deserve to be spared)

Megan, horrified: “Mom, whose side are you on? Gargamel’s or ours?!”


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