Distracted; Harry Potter

This weekend I did not bring my A game, managing to dye a load of laundry pink even after the Bible school peeps told me 15 times to wash the kids’ tie-dye shirts separately in cold water. I also got a parking ticket. However, watching Valkyrie Friday night put it all in perspective.

Also, Caitlin and Tim came over and babysat for us while we went on our first date since Ben’s birth! Pho King and Harry Potter. We didn’t dress up, heck, we didn’t even shower. But we had a lot of fun. Based on how tired Caitlin and Tim looked when we got home, it was probably our last date for a while. No worries, though, as fun as going out is, we’ve got a great home theater system and a reclining sofa.

SPOILER ALERT: I thoroughly enjoyed the sixth Harry Potter movie but, like a true fan of the books, hated the changes in the script. There were several scenes I had envisioned that weren’t in the movie or completely changed that quite disappointed me. Harry and Ginny’s first kiss? Dumbledore’s funeral? And the Death Eaters storming Hogwarts was too tame. I could’ve used more Quidditch and less teenage drama. I missed Hagrid and Neville. As always, Snape dazzled, and I’m completely in love with Luna Lovegood. Oh well, I’ll just go re-read the book.


2 thoughts on “Distracted; Harry Potter

  1. amen to the hp comments. I totally agree. I read the book right before we saw it and I was truly disappointed. I was shocked at the lack of drama the killing of dumbledore was. And I did cry. But still. As if Harry would just stand there. And I was disappointed with the kiss too. I wanted Harry to yell (back to the ending again) Coward to Snape and for Snape to just freak out on him. Sigh. Yes, I vote less snogging and more of the real story.

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