Full house

So Caitlin and Tim were supposed to fly home to Utah. Except Caitlin is 36-ish weeks pregnant and 3 cm dilated, and advised not to fly. So they changed their flight from August 8 to August 25 and are staying with us in the meantime.

Ethan also flew up here. The goal was to help me drive to South Carolina for a vacation, but with Caitlin on bed rest that plan was scrapped. So Ethan is just here, hanging out and reading Harry Potter. He’ll go home later this week, since he starts 10th grade on Monday.

Yesterday, my mom drove up for Caitlin’s impending delivery.

Except that the baby will come when he wants to, and on August 25, Caitlin may fly home still pregnant, and my mom my drive home alone.

Amazingly, our tiny house seems to fit everyone just fine. And I will trade extra work for good company anyday.


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