Our 8th Anniversary

Our anniversary was disappointing, but I am not disappointed. Our misadventures always make for amusing anecdotes.

Caitlin and Tim agree to babysit for us. We decide to go to a nice dinner and the Washington, DC temple. We get all dressed up.

I pick an Italian restaurant close to our home. It looks charming from the outside. Inside it is quaint, in a 1990’s sort of way. It is pretty empty. The bread and salad are tasteless. We are trying to be optimistic. I order the house special, cannelloni, and it is reminiscent of tuna casserole. Christopher orders angel hair with marinara and seafood. I try a scallop. It tastes old and rubbery.

Christopher starts sweating. He looks like he’s having a heart attack. “I think I’m going to be sick,” he sputters. “Let’s just get out of here.” Sounds good to me, I say. We ask the waiter for our check. We have barely touched our food. We are perfectly willing to just pay our $50 and move on with our lives, but the manager is nice enough to recognize that we are completely dissatisfied (and Christopher may vomit) and kindly tells us our dinner is on the house (i.e. the water and bread we ate). We leave a Hamilton for our waiter and split.

We RACE home and Christopher spends the next 15 minutes in the bathroom. We kiss the kids (again) and try to head to the temple to salvage the evening, but we don’t make it more than half a mile before turning around so Christopher can head back to the bathroom.

We spend the evening in bed, Christopher zonked out, I am in Chicago with Clare and Henry.

All in all, not a bad way to spend an evening.

Today I found a 2007 Zagat guide at the library on the 10 cent shelf. The next time we have the opportunity to eat out, we’ll do our research first!

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4 thoughts on “Our 8th Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! Too bad it ended up in the toilet….How are you liking Time Traveler's Wife? I just finished it – now I have to convince James to go see the movie with me!

  2. Fantastic DC-area Restaurants:Duangrats (Best. Thai. Ever. Get the Changmai Chili Pork. It's in Arlington. Boy, do I miss Duangrats.)Olives in DC (get the butternut squash ravioli – it has hazelnut cookie in it, so YUM and the vanilla bean souffle — out of this world!)Founding Farmers in DCAcadiana in DC (the buttermilk biscuits with pepper jelly that they give you instead of bread are out of this world)Georgetown Cupcake – get Rasberry cake with with chocolate ganache frosting, I have found nothing to equal it in NY and that is saying something.Better luck next year!

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