The ultimate houseguests

Caitlin and Tim are still here. Caitlin is still pregnant but no longer on bed rest. On the contrary, she is nesting, and does stuff like do ALL my laundry (including putting it away) and making dinner every night.

Today, for example, I rolled out of bed around 9 a.m. Everyone eats breakfast, gets dressed. Benjamin goes down for his morning nap, and I take Megan and Gavin to the park, leaving Ben home with Caitlin, Tim, and Christopher, who is now working almost exclusively from home. I sit in the park, devouring The Time Traveler’s Wife except when I am pushing Gavin on the swing or breaking up little squabbles. At 1 p.m. we head home and eat lunch. At 3:05 I remember Megan has a theater workshop at the library and I load up Megan and Ben, leaving Gavin at home. Caitlin makes dinner: grilled salmon, baked potatoes, peas, and salad. After dinner we attend a birthday party at the park for Gavin’s friend Gretchen, leaving Ben at home with Caitlin and Tim.

The other day, Caitlin did ALL my laundry, including putting it away. Tim is so good about playing with the kids, holding the baby, and doing dishes.

I’m going to miss them!

And I’m especially going to be sad if Caitlin flies back to Utah still pregnant. It would probably be ideal for them, but I have gotten used to the idea of seeing the birth of my first nephew (on my side of the family). I’ve never seen a birth before, unless you count my own, which weren’t much fun.

About a week ago we were in the hospital, pretty convinced it was the night. My mom was still in town (she was here last week), and Caitlin, Tim, Mom, and I went to GW Hospital around 11 p.m. Caitlin was having regular (2-3 minutes), painful contractions, and was 4 cm and 80% effaced. They put us in a room. I fell asleep. Around 3 a.m., she was still 4 cm and 80% effaced. And they sent her home. And six days later, she’s still pregnant! (Check out their blog for a first hand account)

I took this picture as we were walking into the hospital. Tim commented something like, “At least we’ll have one picture in case we get sent home.” And I chuckled. We really thought it was going to happen.


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