Self Control

Why do children always behave the worst when they know you can’t punish them? Gavin decided to test me during the Sacrament today. I was sitting there, front and center in the chapel, thinking, I’m going to beat this child in the middle of church and someone is going to call social services on me because they are all single and newlyweds and they don’t know what it’s like to have a possessed four-year-old.

Christopher was standing in the back ushering and before they even started passing the water I stood up, Benny in one arm, and dragged Gavin to his father. I’m sure I was a little wild-eyed but I didn’t have a chance to explain before Gavin said, I don’t want a hard pop. Christopher asked me if that’s what he was getting and I said he knows he deserves it but we are trying not to spank Gavin at all. I went and sat down and watched a kid in front of me stick a toy Brontosaurus up his nose as far as it would go and wondered how we make it through childhood and is having teenagers really worse? A few minutes later they came back in and whatever Christopher did calmed him down and he was good for the rest of the day, even through dinner and bedtime.

Gavin is a tough case. He’s incredibly stubborn but extremely sensitive so we have to do a lot of extra parenting on him. My mantra is don’t get angry, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Overheard today

At the dinner table, discussing what things come from cows.

Tim: Cheese, yogurt, sour cream, hamburgers…
Gavin: Hamburgers don’t come from cows!
Caitlin: Then where do they come from?
Gavin: McDonald’s!

Megan, on the phone with Poppy, who is telling her something about how Allison (my 18-year-old sister) won’t ride the bus in Provo because she thinks it’s scary and “sketchy” people stare at her (probably because she’s freaking out).

Megan: “Well, I rode the metro and people were staring at me and I didn’t get shot and I can’t believe Allison won’t ride the bus!”… “Well, I’ll call her then. Bye, Poppy.”

Megan hangs up on my dad, calls Allison.

Megan: “Hi Allison! This is Megan and I just wanted to tell you that I rode the metro and people were staring at me and what’s the big deal? Just relax. You’ll be fine.”

Megan rode the buses all over Long Beach in utero, so it’s no wonder she feels that way. Speaking of sketchy…


4 thoughts on “Self Control

  1. oh, boys. aren`t they lovely. i have a feeling i`m going to be calling you and shay and jill wondering what on earth to do with my possessed boy in a couple of years. grandma even said that aidan was worse behaved than colton. and if it makes you feel any better, colton was an absolute terror in sacrament meeting this morning. kudos to both you and jill for keeping your cool.

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