First Day of School

I stepped outside yesterday morning and took a deep breath of cool air for the first time in months!

The kids insisted on wearing jackets to play outside.

A few days ago I got an email from the director of the preschool down the street from our house (about an 8 minute walk) and they have a spot for Gavin! It is also the most reasonably-priced school within a 10 mile radius, so I signed him up for three days a week. Beth told me he would start the day after Labor Day.

Then yesterday, while chatting with a nanny at the playground, I discovered that the four-year-olds started this week. I emailed Beth, and she said she thought Gavin was three, and yes, he could start today!

So this morning when Gavin woke up, I said, “Hey bud, today’s your first day of school.” And he said okay.

Update: Gavin loved school today! He will be going four days a week, and the preschool is only a four minute walk when it’s just me and Benny!


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