Best. Night. Ever.

Dinner at Thai Old Town with three girlfriends from David John Hall. Ice cream from Pop’s and a walk down King Street to Alexandria’s historic waterfront.

Jenny and I head home…

(Jenny lived across the hall from me freshman year. She’s from Vancouver and married Sean, who’s from South Carolina, shortly after we got married. They have an adorable daughter Annie and are visiting us for the weekend from Yale, where Jenny just graduated as an NP and Sean is finishing up his PhD.)

…and find three sleeping children (Megan was at a friend’s house) and two husbands watching the start of the second half of the BYU/Oklahoma game. The score is amazingly 10-7 OU. We enjoy an amazing two hours of football, with BYU coming from behind 14-13 with three minutes left in the game. Celebrations abound. We wake up the next morning wondering if BYU really knocked off the #3 team in the nation.

Nothing like BYU football.

Side rant: Can somebody tell me why Utah, who went undefeated last year and drowned the Crimson Tide in the bowl game is ranked #19 while Alabama is top five?! Down with the BCS! Obama is right about that one.


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