Our uncertain future

My husband graduated from business school in May 2009 and received an excellent offer to work as a consultant at Bain. Oh, and they’d like him to start on January 26.

Yes, he can start in mid-October if he really needs to.

In the meantime, he got a cool job doing business development for SpaceX in Washington, D.C. on an “at will” basis.

And then his dad discovered these really cool bracelets and asked his son for business advice.

And his son decided there was a business opportunity there, and started selling bracelets.

Then SpaceX postponed the project Christopher was hired to work on. And he was tired of trying to look busy. So they broke up. The decision was mutual. But Christopher learned a very important lesson: He can be happy without rockets.

Now he’s working at home: accounting, marketing, distributing, negotiating, and setting up events, which are on the weekends, to sell the product.

And I’m still trying to decide how I feel about that.

Christopher will fly to Los Angeles next week to negotiate contracts with EFX. He’s got a brilliant business plan that will make them a lot of money, and he will get some of that.

They will either say yes, and we’ll continue the business and probably make enough to support our family and beyond, or they’ll say no, and we’ll probably move to Atlanta soon and start Bain in October.

So despite the fact that Megan starts school on Tuesday and Gavin just finished his first week at a fabulous preschool, we might be packing again.

Or not.

We knew Washington, D.C. was a temporary stop on our way to Atlanta, so it’s not a shock.

But it’s still a little hard.

This is what it looks like when my husband works at home. He’s wheeling and dealing on his Bluetooth.


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