Papa’s Funeral

I’m really glad I got to go down to South Carolina for Papa’s funeral. The trip was easy–the flight was only an hour long and both airports were about half an hour away. Ben was great.

The most memorable parts of the funeral, for me, were my dad’s eulogy and the Navy Guard playing Taps and presenting an American flag to my grandmother.

I took pictures, knowing that my grandma would appreciate them, and then later I realized it was nice to have something to show Megan. When she looked through them she said, “So, Papa had a big funeral.” And when I asked what she meant, she said, “A lot of people came. Like he was an important person or something.”

It was cool that she said that because it gave me an opportunity to share with her all the ways in which he was a very important person. He was, like my dad said in his eulogy, a man of great integrity. People he had worked with 40 years ago showed up at his viewing, remembering what a hard worker and honest man he was. He was a devoted husband and father with a large and growing posterity. And most importantly, he was given the sealing power, to perform marriages in the temple, binding families on earth and in heaven. We are one of those eternal families.


3 thoughts on “Papa’s Funeral

  1. This is Dad. Hate to quash the compliment of the bugler, but she didn't play that. The bugle has a player built in and she just holds it to her lips and presses a button. Not a matter of national security or anything, but almost didn't want to let that one out.

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