Football and Wii

Megan and Gavin were invited to Jacob’s 7th birthday party today, which revolved around cake, ice cream, and Wii. When I found out the Granadas were having an after-birthday football-watching party, I presumptuously invited myself over and we spent the evening eating pizza and bemoaning the BYU and Utah football games while the kids played a total of six hours of Wii. There were four families, and I was the only one not chasing toddlers. I relished in the fact that all three of my children are self-contained and wished they could stay like that forever. It won’t be long before Ben is mobile and we’ll be in the baby-chasing mode for a few years. I remember that stage and it was exhausting.

In the meantime, it was a lovely evening despite the heartbreaking football losses, and my kids fell asleep fast.


One thought on “Football and Wii

  1. It's funny. I used to think a loss on the football field was just awful. Today, I would take my kids playing happily, without me having to chase them, over a win on the football field any day of the week.Enjoy the next tiny little bit of being able to relax.

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