Atlanta Bound

So Christopher told Bain he’d start in January, and we decided to stay here and focus on EFX.

Then Bain called back. Are you sure you don’t want to start in October? they asked. Apparently, they are swamped, and wished he could have started months ago.

Now they tell us.

So Christopher tells Bain thank you, he will now take the opportunity to think it over.

He gives EFX a time window. Make me an offer by Monday at midnight. Any offer. Just something to help us know that all his work building a brand, forming business relationships, and training and managing a sales force will be rewarded. Eventually. Something he can support a family on.

They got nothing.

So Christopher calls Bain and says, Sure, I’ll start October 19.

So now we are moving. Again.

I call the rental house I’ve had my eye on for months. Because I’m prepared like that. It has been re-listed on Craigslist twice a week since July. I had even contacted the owner a month ago. She was super nice, two young kids, they loved it. They already had moved out of state, and had a realtor trying to lease the house. I said I would get back to her as soon as I knew for sure we were moving to Atlanta, in case the house was available.

The house was re-listed September 19.

I call the realtor managing the house, Michelle. On September 21. We were the fourth call of the day.

Because Atlanta is underwater, and hundreds of people have evacuated their homes.

So suddenly the rental market is very competitive.

We were the first to submit an application. Our realtor/friend Mary Stuart checked out the house and there are no issues, our credit score is impeccable, but it looks like Michelle doesn’t want to deal with us, since we are not actually there, waving a check in her face.

So we are looking again. And I’m surprisingly calm.

We’ll see how long that lasts… 🙂


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