House search

Still looking at homes in Atlanta. We’re scouring Craigslist and have a realtor on the ground scoping out choices. We still haven’t found one as good as the first. Finding a home inside the perimeter with a good elementary school, easy commute to work, nice neighborhood, and decent house for a reasonable price is tricky. On top of that, there is only one LDS chapel in Atlanta because all the Mormons live in the suburbs. So, if we are all cool and green and trendy and live in the city, we still have to trek out to Smyrna or Decatur for church. Not cool. The one exception is if we live just a few miles of Christopher’s work (where the house we lost is located), which also has THE best elementary school in Atlanta, we will go to church in Sandy Springs, next door to the temple, which is not too far. We are excited to live so close to a temple again. We are disappointed it’s closed for renovations for at least another year. Perhaps we will be able to attend its rededication.


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