The New, New Plan

So Christopher calls me from Atlanta, excited: “Guess what? I found the place we’re going to live! It’s an apartment…”

Me: “Uh, no.”

But then, I did some research. It’s in a really nice neighborhood, in one of the best elementary schools in Georgia. It’s close to everything–work, schools, parks, a nice YMCA. Easy access to downtown and the airport. It’s over 2000 square feet, which is about as big as anything we’ve ever lived in, and supposedly there are other families with children in the building. It’s in the ward we want, in Sandy Springs, next to the temple. And it’s clean and new, which is more than we could say about everything else Christopher looked at in the area.

So I’m actually really excited about it now.

The apartment is not going to be ready until November, so we decided to move over Thanksgiving. Since we’ll be apart for five weeks, we are enjoying the next two weeks (one week now) as a family, and time with the kids individually. Today Megan and Christopher spent the day at the Natural History Museum. I’ll take Megan on a date tomorrow, and we’ll each spend one-on-one time with Gavin.

And I’m going to soak up every last moment I have in Arlington. This city, this neighborhood, and this house have been very good to us. I’m excited for Atlanta, but we have thrived here, and I’m looking forward to another great SEVEN weeks!


3 thoughts on “The New, New Plan

  1. That is a great sized apartment. I'm glad you're excited about the next chapter in your life. I don't like to think about leaving Darden and C'ville. I feel like we've been living in a bubble and don't want to go back to the real world yet 🙂

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