The Capitol

On my to-do list while Christopher was at home was a trip to the Capitol. I took my friend Naomi with me. We toured the Capitol and visited the House of Representatives Chamber. The House was scheduled to meet, and someone walked in (“All Rise!”), moved to postpone the session two hours, and walked out. Our tax dollars hard at work.

Naomi is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I don’t know how I manage to make friends with such amazing and diverse people, but somehow, everywhere I go, I meet the most interesting, genuine, and friendly people. Naomi and her husband Everett are moving to Seoul, South Korea in 18 months, and I am already mentally planning my trip. (I just checked, and there are non-stop flights from Atlanta to Seoul for under $1000. Sweet. I still can’t believe I didn’t visit Angie when she lived in Hawaii and I was in LA and tickets were under $200.)


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