Sickness Update

The Tamiflu seems to be helping Megan. I was quite worried Monday and Tuesday, but today her fever was all but gone and her coughing was definitely improved. She was well enough to make mud pies in the backyard, but I’m not sure I’ll send her to school tomorrow.

I had another scare yesterday when Benjamin spiked a fever. I thought it was the flu, but his other symptoms included a green runny nose and ear pulling. The doctor’s office turned the phones on at 7:09 a.m. and I was probably the first one to call, and got on the schedule at 8:20. Ben does, in fact, have a double ear infection, although the doctor said he may have the flu, as well. At any rate, he’s on Zithromax, and hopefully that will help. I was out of the doctor by 8:40 but getting the $5 prescription took over an hour. At least we got to walk around Target. I was able to take Gavin straight to school after that, which was awesome. Side note: The pediatricians must be having a heck of a time right now. When I arrived at the office at 8:15, the receptionist was telling everyone that there were no longer appointments for the day. I’m so glad I started calling right at seven!

Perhaps we’ll be well by the weekend and have a fun Halloween. Poor Christopher has the flu in Atlanta and is working from home aka a bedroom in someone else’s apartment. No fun.


2 thoughts on “Sickness Update

  1. Oh, Lauren. I am so sorry. Boss is on Zithromax now, too.My pediatrician's office is in the same boat. Sick appointments are all taken before 9, and the waiting rooms are packed full of very ill children.I feel for Christopher, too. I can't imagine being sick in a stranger's house. Here's to hoping and praying all of y'all (gotta get you used to y'alls again) get better soon.

  2. what is it with ben and aidan and ear infections at the same time? he has a double ear infection too. Yeesh. I feel for you, with everything going on. You are a trooper. Glad the kids are ok, and doing better.

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