What a sad Halloween!

My poor kids. They had all kinds of fun stuff going on at school today, and they had to miss it. Gavin didn’t really care, as he’s a homebody, but Megan was disappointed. I told her I thought she was too sick for school today, and she said, “Do you see me stopping getting ready?” She got dressed, fixed her hair, made her lunch, packed her bag, put on her coat, and said, “I’m ready to go.” Since she has been fever free for 48 hours, I told her fine, I would take a shower and take her to school. However, as we were walking out the door (Gavin was already buckled in the car), I looked at her. She still just didn’t look well.

I bent down and said, “Megan, love, if you are still sick, and you go to school, they will call me to come pick you up. So you need to tell me if you are still a little bit sick.” With tears in her eyes, she said, “I’m still a little bit sick.”

Megan’s an easy kid, though. Her woes were nothing Netflix streaming video couldn’t cure. We watched Bolt, Bedtime Stories, and a few episodes of Suite Life. The day passed quickly.

Gavin’s fever went back up again this evening. We’ll probably have another day at home tomorrow, and when the sun starts going down I’ll let the kids get costumed and trick or treat for a little while.

Christopher is quite sick and we decided to change his flight to next weekend. I told him to mention “swine flu” and see if they’d change it for free. They did. I’m sad we’re not going to see him this weekend, and he really misses the kids, but he wouldn’t be much fun for them, or much help to me. And I’m sure the people on his flight appreciate our decision.

This has been a whirlwind of a week. I noticed today, driving back from the pharmacy, that the leaves have basically changed colors and started falling since we first started with H1N1 (Sunday night). I have wanted to get some photographs of my kids with the beautiful leaves and at this rate, they will be gone.

Also, in the 3-4 days we have been cooped up inside, Ben has gone from a baby who sits and plays in one little area, to all over the place! He is going to be just like Megan, too– into everything! It’s funny. You can give him a bunch of toys, and he crawls away from them until he find a non-toy to play with. I’ve found that the easiest, safest things I can give him are kitchen items. There is enough plastic, wood, silicon, and metal to keep him busy for a long time.

I know I’ve said this before, but… I’m never buying toys again.


2 thoughts on “What a sad Halloween!

  1. I am planning on giving baby Jack a pair of nice, new, clean flip flops for Christmas, as he cannot seem to stay out of the shoe pile. Kitchen utensils are a great idea too. Sorry you have sick family.

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