Deja vu

Tape box, fill box, tape box, repeat…

Didn’t I just do this?

Can’t wait to get to South Carolina for a fun Thanksgiving week, then reunite with my sweetie in our new Atlanta home!

Things I’ll Miss Most About Arlington, Virginia:

1. Walking Gavin to preschool every morning
2. Monitor watching, where my neighbor listens out for sleeping Ben while I grocery shop or drop Christopher off at the airport
3. Megan’s gaggle of girlfriends
4. Walking to the playgrounds, library, mall, and restaurants
5. A highly educated, friendly ward
6. A big backyard

Things I Won’t Miss:

1. Parking Tickets
2. Hard to Babyproof House
3. High cost of living
4. Laundry in the basement

Who Gavin will miss the most:


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