Such a mean mom!

I’m the meanest mom ever!

First, I took my kids to dinner at Noodles & Company and let them order whatever they wanted! Megan ordered the Japanese pan noodles with sauteed beef and shitake mushrooms, and Gavin ordered Pad Thai with chicken.

Then, we took a walk around Pentagon Row, looked at the shops, and restaurants, and… ice skating rink.

Let the tantrums begin.

Megan has never been ice skating before, in spite of best laid plans.

“Moooooom! It’s my life long dream to go ice skating! I am going ice skating!”

And, of course, since it was 6:30 p.m. on a school night and we had three sleepy kids and one adult, and it would have cost us $32 to even go ice skating, we went home.

Megan cried for the next 90 minutes.

As we pulled up to our house, I asked Gavin, “Hey buddy, take your coat in the house.”

He ignored me, and ran to the front door. It was locked.

Gavin: “Hey Mom, unlock the door!”
“I asked you to get your coat, buddy.”
“Unlock the door first!”
“I will be happy to unlock the door as soon as you get the coat.”
“I’m never getting my coat.”
“That’s fine. I can stand here forever.”

(Megan dissolves in fresh tears.)

Gavin: “I have to pee!”
“As soon as you get your coat, I will be happy to unlock the door and let you in so you can go to the bathroom.”

Five minutes later:

“Fine! I’ll get my coat!” (starts crying hysterically)

One empty bladder and hot shower later, Gavin was fine.

One hot bath, a Junie B. Jones book, and half an hour of fashion designing later, Megan was her usual sweet self again.


7 thoughts on “Such a mean mom!

  1. You too???? Good, I am not alone in the meanest mom in the world category. I often wonder where my children get all of their stubborness from, but since I can be stubborn enough to wait for them to obey, I guess we have our answer. Being a mom is tough, you try and do something nice for your kids, and where is the gratitude???? Thankless job. 😉

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