A New Beginning

Here we go again. A fresh start in a new place. We have been in Atlanta five days now and are getting nicely settled. We still have some furniture to rearrange and some boxes to unpack, but things are going smoothly.

My father-in-law Stan helped Christopher with the move, and we couldn’t have done it without him. They were even able to stop in Columbia on the way to Atlanta and load a bunch of my mom’s furniture, which will help us out, and give my mom an excuse to do some redecorating. (Thanks, and sorry, Dad)

One of my first items of business was getting Megan in school. My next post will be a letter from her teacher on her progress so far.

Other errands included finding the best grocery stores (the Publix is so nice, but the Walmart Supercenter is so cheap), the library, the YMCA, and the pediatrician’s office. Megan’s new pediatrician went to her elementary school once upon a time.

The apartment is huge and clean, and so far everything we’ve asked for (ceiling fans, a digital thermostat, turning down the water heater) has been taken care of promptly. Home ownership is a little overrated.

We are going to like it here.


6 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. That letter from Megan's teacher is every parent's dream come true! I'm so glad you're happy with your new place. I feel the same way about renting. I thought I'd hate it after owning a home, but it's kind of nice to stressing about selling a place or renting it out when we move, and it's nice to worrying when anything breaks. It definitely has it's perks!

  2. I love Publix. After living down the street from one for two years, I never shop anywhere else. Free cookies at the bakery for Aidan and store brand products that are all natural has a lot to do with it. Glad you`re settled. Make plans to go visit the aquarium. It`s an awesome one.

  3. I love the picture of Megan with the birds. So fun. I am also so thrilled that she is doing well in school, it is kind of expected, but still a blessing moving in the middle of the year. I am excited for you and your new life!

  4. Atlanta is awesome! And Publix is awesome if you get into couponing. Check out southernsavers.com and click on the Publix button, it will show you the deals of the week and printable coupons and tells you the Publix couponing policies. I just started here in Charleston and it helps a lot! Have fun over there, I am jealous!

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