Elliott the Elf

Last night at 8:30 p.m., before she hopped into bed, Megan ran into the kitchen looking for crackers.

“Mom, if I leave out crackers and water for Santa he will trade us for a magic elf who will play tricks on us like Wicker in my class.”

She specifically asked for a polar bear elf and a penguin elf, who would come alive while we were sleeping and cause mischief. We didn’t have any crackers, so we left some pita chips.

In the morning, when I woke Megan up, she ran into the kitchen to find that the entire bag of pita chips had been polished off, along with a note:

“Dear Megan and Gavin,

Thank you for the pita chips. Santa said I could take a break from making toys and come hang out with you for a while.

I decided your Christmas tree needed more decorations. Hope you like it!

Elliott the Elf”

We then discovered that Elliott had decorated our Christmas tree with dirty socks. Mainly because there were no clean ones as our washer and dryer have yet to be delivered (any minute now, hopefully).

When Gavin woke up, he spent 45 minutes looking for Elliott. The elf apparently has not decided to show himself. Maybe in a few days we’ll see him in the flesh. Er, stuffing.


3 thoughts on “Elliott the Elf

  1. "Elves" are so dumb. It's like hey kids, it's not ok for you to destroy the house but it's ok for mom to do it as long as she's pretending to be someone/something else.

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