The Great Horrible Day

Today was the best bad day ever!

Poor Ben has an ear infection, again. But we managed to get in and out of the pediatrician and even pick up his Omnicef prescription painlessly. Yay for the drive-thru CVS next to my house.

Megan had a friend over after school, and we made some holiday treats. My idea of holiday baking is spreading peanut butter between two Ritz and dipping them in chocolate-flavored candy coating. The kids loved it.

Benjamin, in addition to his ear, gave himself another reason not to sleep today.

He’s so proud of himself.


3 thoughts on “The Great Horrible Day

  1. Ok, I am really not kidding–will you please ask Christopher when his work will allow you guys to PLEASE move to AZ? Our kids will get along famously. There are a lot of really cheap houses on our block. Just warn Chris that I have gotten really good at Rook.

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