Santa Claus 2009

Back in October, I saw that the Santa Claus at Phipps Plaza was making appointments for photos with Santa and I went ahead and reserved a spot. A few days later, I saw that they were already full and I was happy I signed up. (Thanks, Julie!)

Well, the day finally came. I was dreading the experience a bit. I’m still fighting a cold, I was afraid it would be a hassle.

But it was wonderful. Picture perfect.

First, because this Santa is appointment only, there was a very short wait.

Second, I managed to get a few pictures and videos of my own.

Ben sized up the big guy for a few moments. He wasn’t sure what to make of him.

Then the tears started. My mom and I love crying baby Santa pictures.

I’m so happy to have started our tradition here in Atlanta.


5 thoughts on “Santa Claus 2009

  1. Those are some cute kids in adorable outfits. And what an adorable Santa. Aidan and Colton were standing nearby when I watched the video, and when they heard Ben crying, they both looked at the computer and said, "Uh-oh, baby." Glad the kids are doing better. Feel better soon.

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