Tis the Season

The Richins have been singing, shopping, and sick.

Friday was Megan’s French Holiday Performance. It was quite the event. Megan, of course, was putting on a show front and center. You’d never guessed she just started at the school. The boys were excellent considering we were at the school an hour and a half. Later we went back to the school for Megan’s class party. It was raining like crazy, but in spite of the wet weather, we had an enjoyable last day of school before the holidays.

We hit the “case jackpot” this year. Christopher’s on a case in Louisiana that basically has shut down until the New Year. It’s weird and wonderful having him home and we’ve taken the opportunity to Christmas shop, get established at a chiropractor, have the kids portraits taken, and watch movies and bowl games.

A yucky cold has been working its way through the family. Christopher, Gavin, and I had normal symptoms. I have been blowing my nose for Ben got an ear infection. And poor Megan. Her asthma has been giving her trouble. Today she took QVar, Singulair, Xoponex, Amoxicillin, Prednisone, and Guafanesin. I just gave her a dose of Delsym and lathered her up with Vicks Vaporub because she’s up coughing. I am considering taking her to the chiropractor because I am out of ideas.

Tomorrow I am super excited to get my teeth cleaned, and then we are packing up to head to South Carolina. It looks to be another magical Christmas for the Richins family.


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